PanoramaStudio Pro v2.6

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PanoramaStudio Pro v2.6

Postby ohiovr » Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:38 pm

I was surprised not to find this software reviewed by VRwave. So I thought I'd giver a go.

PanoramaStudio Pro costs about $90 and it includes a fairly good viewer application called panoramastudio viewer. I actually bought this program because of the viewer. The reason I did that is because the viewer works on pretty much everything. It works on ios, android, tablets, desktop, internet explorer, firefox, chrome. I haven't found a modern browswer that it would not work with. The viewer does have a significant flaw, in that in the flash version in some panos there is a white line (seam I think it is) that appears in the shot. It doesn't appear in all shots and it doesn't appear in the html5 version of the player. The developer has assured me it will be fixed in the next release. If you want to use the viewer commercially he desires a license per domain. Compared to other viewers, that don't even have stitching software, its still a good deal. For $60 you can get rid of their logo. I saw another viewer program wanting $260 for the same "feature". Fortunately I found this alternative!

The developer has been very helpful and responsive in his communications. I've sent him several messages and he has responded to each one of them. I was concerned that the Rokinon fisheye lens may not work with his program but he assured me that it should, and in fact, it works great with PanoramaStudio.

Things I like:
Stitching is extremely fast. If you are used to Hugin, this will be a big improvement.
Stitching is fairly reliable, but when it doesn't work, there are things you can do to save a shot.
The viewer is very good.. not perfect.. but it should be perfect some day soon I hope

Things I didn't like at first:
No automatic HDR, it works with single exposures only. If it weren't for enfuseGUI (which is free) this would be a bigger problem. But enfuseGUI does a pretty good job, good enough I don't plan on buying a better version. EnfuseGUI is super fast. 9 panos worth of bracketed exposures take only 5 minutes to process. I just preprocessed all the shots before sending it to PanoramaStudio. I suppose I could stitch the shots and then process with enfuseGUI. But I'm too lazy for that. I never got Hugin's HDR processing to work. I was just too impatient. After 10 minutes of waiting for a single pano, I gave up on it.

Things that could use improvement:
Setting default options would be nice. Its a bit of a pain to have to specify lens information for every single pano. I use a simple floating menu in my tours, and this won't work in internet explorer unless you add the wmode parameter to the viewer markup. Its a minor issue that can be easily corrected. I hope the developer will do it.

Overall I think its a great value for the money. PTgui is great too, but you might like PanoramaStudio even more because its a little faster. You can try both PTgui and PanoramaStudio Pro before you buy it. Also, enfuseGui is highly recommended if you are poor like me. Its fast, it batch processes files, and you get good results. I only wish I could figure out how to get the windows to come out at the exact exposure I want it to.

Maybe sometime when I get some money I will buy sns-hdr. But it is a lot slower than enfuseGui

Check out the viewer in action:


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