Digital King 12mm f7.4 Fisheye (NEX Mount)

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Digital King 12mm f7.4 Fisheye (NEX Mount)

Postby omnipix » Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:27 pm

The Digital King (Brand) 12mm Fisheye is Made in Japan and is Fixed Aperture f/7.4 and Fixed Focus. I have also seen it marketed under the name of "Gloxy". No adjustments are possible. Simply attach and shoot. 0.50cm to Infinity is in focus and it has a fixed aperture of f/7.4 Whilst there is a ring that turns and looks like it should control aperture (it does nothing!) ... -in-stock/ ... nt-cameras

My lens arrived yesterday and I'm having issues stitching. So I need to do more research on it's projection type.
PTGui is doing some weird things even though I have set the NPP very carefully. Autopano Pro gave a good control point score but the panorama image projection had a wavy effect (odd).

Coating: 7 layers multi coating to reduce aberrations to a minimum
Lens Construction: 4 elements in 4 groups and weighs approximately 220grms total.

What I can say at this point is that PTGui shows it as approximately 75° VFOV and will yield a final panorama size of just shy of 16000x8000px when using a Sony NEX 5n with a 16mp APS-C sensor.

On my initial tests I have been shooting 2 rows of 6 images at ±30° and this is more then enough to cover the complete sphere. Although you would also still need a separate Nadir shot if you wanted to remove the tripod/panohead from the Nadir.

Anyway, more to come...

Regards, Smooth 8-)

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